David Ambrosio Molina Vázquez



  • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana campus Iztapalapa México DF (UAM)
  • Universidad del Golfo de México en Córdoba Ver.
  • Universidad Cristóbal Colón en Veracruz Ver.
  • Seminario de Asuntos de Competencia para Magistrados y Jueces Mexicanos. impartido por Instituto De La Judicatura Federal Escuela Judicial.
  • Diplomado en Derecho de la Competencia y Sectores Regulados. Impartido por el Instituto De La Judicatura Federal Escuela Judicial. Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica (COFECE).


  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Law
  • Master in Constitutional law and amparo


  • Objectivity.
  • Excellent performance under pressure
  • Leadership and initiative from the first moments of crisis
  • High degree of experience in complex litigation in branches of civil, commercial, and electoral amparo.
  • Affairs with documentary evidence gained through sentences.


Budget Analyst at the Directorate General of program budgets in the Autonomous University of Mexico

Work Areas

  • Analysis and conclusions of the budget year of the entities of the National Autonomous University of Mexico



UAM Iztapalapa

Head of Department of Sponsored Agreements

Work Areas

  • Administrative and budgetary coordination between the Autonomous Metropolitan University and various public and private grants by contributing financial and material resources to university researchers in different areas.

Casa de Bolsa Probursa

Promoting Investment in Transferable Securities (Mexico city)

Manager of Capital Markets (Córdoba, Ver)

Work Areas

  • Management of investment portfolios in the stock market
  • Coordination, supervision and control of the investment portfolios managed stock promoters to my office.
  • Guardian of the brokerage house in consequence of legal disputes “crack” market crises of 1997 and subsequent devaluation.

Bufete Molina

Trial Attorney specializing in Constitutional Law and Amparo.

Work Areas

  • Legal advice and legal representation in civil, commercial, administrative, tax, labor, criminal, election and injunction.
  • Advisory constitutional right to parliamentary factions and municipalities.